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In collaboration with the World Heart Foundation, A. Thomas Pezzella, MD, Director of Special Projects for the World Heart Foundation  initiated a six year Cardiothoracic surgery residency program in Shanghai, China.  Following two visits to Shanghai in October, 2003 and again in November, 2004 final discussions and arrangements were made to initiate the program in July, 2005.  Dr Pezzella spent one year in Shanghai from July 2005 to July 2006, initiating and coordinating the program.  Shanghai Chest Hospital participated with an initial group of four residents. The program was monitored over the subsequent three years.  Hopefully, this project will serve as a model for similar graduate medical education programs / Residences in China.

From Left
Zhang Shike Dir Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau

Prof Yun Feng President Shanghais Chest Hospital
A. Thomas Pezzella MD
Yingze Li MD Vice President Shanghai Chest Hospital
 & Director of Cardiovascular  Surgery

From Left

Wen-Xiang Ding MD Dir Shanghai Medical Centre of Pediatric Heart

James L Cox MD Founder, World Heart Foundation
Yingze Li MD Vice President Shanghai Chest Hospital & Dir Cardiovascular


The new Shanghai Chest Hospital on right.


 William M. Novick Lectures
at Shanghai Chest Hospital

Dr Pezzella Assists New Resident
 at Shanghai Chest Hospital

A. Thomas Pezzella MD, the director of special projects for the World Heart Foundation, is in China for one year implementing this program. Four residents (shown below) began their training August 1st. Modeled after the new American and Canadian six-year program, and modified for China, it is hoped that this program will be used as a model and adopted by other centers in China.




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In May 2007, the residency program at Shanghai Chest Hospital was reviewed. The four initial residents have progressed nicely. Two new residents began their three year program in August 2006. A third visit was made in May 2008 to review the program.

An overview of the CT Surgery residency program at Shanghai Chest Hospital (PDF File 750k)
 has been published in the African Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.


In Sept 2009, building on the medical education initiative, Dr Pezzella was invited, and appointed an advisor/consultant at Tsinghua University School of Medicine in Beijing, China. The primary goal is to evaluate the medical education curriculum and revise and upgrade the program in a accordance with international guidelines.


In May 2010, further discussions regarding medical education in China were discussed in Beijing. (Above).

Dr Jinfen Liu,
Former President
Shanghai Children's Medical Center


In March, 2013, a 1 month visit to Shanghai China was made.

            A re-evaluation of the cardiac and thoracic residency programs at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center (SCMC) and Shanghai Chest Hospital (SCH) was conducted. Recommendations were made.

A future proposal to revise the teaching program in Shanghai has been submitted.

There remains no national or central graduate medical education system in China. The Shanghai Health Bureau (SHB) has allowed several centers, including SCMC and SCH to develop their own “in house” programs. These are not associated with the local medical schools. The SHB will finance the salary of the residents for the first 2 years of general surgical training. Then those chosen to continue three years of specialty training in adult cardiac, pediatric cardiac, or general thoracic surgery, will be financially supported by the hospital.

            In addition, additional evaluation of the clinical research efforts at both centers was conducted. This included editing of existing manuscripts, and further recommendations re. Preparation and submission of papers.

Shanghai Children's Medical Center

Dr Zhiwei Xu
Chief Cardivascular Center., SCMC

Shanghai Chest Hospital


In July, 2016 a visit was made to Shanghai Chest Hospital and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. The CT surgery residency program at Shanghai Chest hospital was reviewed and future recommendations were made.

At Shanghai Children’s Medical Center a mutual project was formulated with Dr Zhang Haibo, (Photo Below) the chief of pediatric cardiac surgery, and Dr Nguyen Ly Thinh Truong, the chief of pediatric cardiac surgery at the National Hospital of Pediatrics in Hanoi, Vietnam. This project would entail initial visits to their respective centers. Subsequently, a formal arrangement between their centers would be developed that includes future exchange of clinical and academic efforts. The  focus would be an exchange of the pediatric cardiac surgery teams to learn and advance surgical techniques and patient care.

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